At Heatex Industrial Technology Pte Ltd, we have a variety of high performance Heat Insulation materials that can be used for fire & welding protection, safety shields, expansion joint, piping, boiler, furnace gasketing, lagging, jacketing & acoustics.

With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to provide the best products and services by enhancing product solutions to the best of our knowledge. So we are able to handle shipping of goods from Singapore, Taiwan or China, whichever route is appropriate.

We have earned our credibility through constant improvements and providing good value, quality, honesty and reliability to our customers.

Our materials are used widely in construction, power plants, all metals industries, chemical processing plants, petroleum refineries, automotive, ship-building & aircraft industries.

Apart from materials supply, we are also able to design and create removable and reusable fabric insulation jackets or blankets to fit in a variety of equipments, such as engines and piping systems that require periodic maintenance.

Silica Woven Fabrics
Ceramic Fabrics, Tapes, Ropes, Blanket, Paper
Fiberglass Woven Fabrics, Tapes, Ropes, Blanket, Mat, Tubing
Fiberglass Fabrics Coated with Aluminized, Alum Foil, Silicon, Teflon, PU, PVC

Fabrics for fire, heat, welding protection, insulation jacketing & expansion joint
Tapes & Ropes for exhaust pipe lagging, door seals & gasketing
Tubing for hoses and wire protection
Thread – for sewing purposes
Personal Safety protection – jackets, pants, aprons, sleeving, legging, gloves, mittens