BOTOX® injections are simple, nonsurgical physician-administered injections of purified protein, derived from Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It blocks transmission of nerve impulses to muscles thereby relaxing the muscles of facial expression that cause frown lines and wrinkles, leaving you looking more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.
Eyelash Enhancement

RevitaLash® – Revitalize the look of your lashes. Longer, Thicker, Fuller! RevitaLash® is a remarkable cosmetic innovation that within weeks will help you achieve amazing looking eyelashes, appearing dramatically more beautiful: Longer, Thicker, Fuller. Within weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look as though they had extensions! No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin or sparse your eyelashes are, Revitalash® can help you achieve your very own long, beautiful, healthy looking lashes.
Facial & Body Contouring, Fat & Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening

MAXIMUS TRILIPO RADIOFREQUENCY (RF) & TRILIPO DYNAMIC MUSCLE ACTIVATION (DMA) TREATMENT - Triple Action for Facial & Body Contouring, Fat & Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring key component of the skin that keeps the skin looking fresh, young and soft. Over time as your skin ages, it loses collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and volume resulting in the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Approved by the FDA as a non-permanent skin filler, hyaluronic acid binds to water and adds volume to the skin, filling skin folds, smoothing out unwanted lines and wrinkles with immediate effect.

Hair loss can be distressing and embarrassing for some people. Hair loss may be a result of thyroid disease, childbirth (hormonal change), inflammation, cancer treatment, certain medications and protein or iron deficient diets. The most common form of male and female pattern balding is called androgenetic alopecia. It is genetically inherited from either side of the family. Hair on the front and top of the scalp is genetically affected by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) leading to hair loss. Unwanted hair loss can be treated in a variety of combination therapies.

The IPL hair removal treatment uses intense pulsed light to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to shaving and waxing. It delivers long lasting results in addition to leaving your skin looking and feeling silkier and smoother.

LED phototherapy, using lights-only, stimulates cell repair and increases blood flow. It has been used successfully to enhance and improve other skin treatments
NOVAPlus 3R IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Once we reach the age of 20 years, our skin starts to degenerate and our body does not produce collagen as quickly as before. Pigments and wrinkles start to appear and cell function slows down. With new FDA approved Swiss breakthrough technology, the NOVAPlus 3R IPL possesses the world’s only Tunable Broadband Emission Technology that is a revolutionary approach to rejuvenation leaving your skin healthy, radiant and beaming with youthfulness and vitality. The NOVAPlus 3R light energy is used to Remodel, Rejuvenate and Renew.

The answer to having great glowing skin is a chemical peel. Chemical peeling uses a chemical solution to remove the skin’s damaged outer layers.

The award winning Spectra™ Laser system is one of the most effective and innovative non-ablative skin rejuvenation systems available today and we are proud to be the first clinic in Singapore to acquire the recently launched Spectra™ VRM III laser technology. This two-step thermal rejuvenation process shows dramatic results with enlarged pores, acne scars and fine wrinkle reduction and has been proven highly effective in the treatment of melasma.

Stretch marks most commonly occur as a result of pregnancy due to stretching of the dermis resulting in breaking of the connective fibers, microscopic bleeding and tissue inflammation. Healing occurs with scar formation.

Permanent tattoo removal is achieved using the Spectra™ Laser which directs concentrated laser energy to carefully break down the inks of a tattoo into tiny fragments without damaging the surrounding skin, allowing the body to naturally dispose of the tiny ink particles. Although not immediate and often requiring repeated treatments, the process is safe, permanent and usually yields dramatic results with less chance of scarring.
VEIN REMOVAL (Face, Arms & Legs)

NOVAPlus 3R IPL vein removal is an easy solution to an ever-growing problem. NOVAPlus 3R IPL technology is an effective treatment of vascular lesions and allows for the treatment of fine vein disorders using non-invasive, non-surgical technology.