Pre-Pregnancy Clinic

Congratulations on your successful pregnancy! We believe that each pregnancy is a unique experience and so we encourage you to be actively involved in making decisions about your antenatal care.
Antenatal Risk Assessment

These are minimally invasive tests designed to assess the risk of certain genetic disorders or birth defects in each individual pregnancy.
Antenatal Diagnosis and Counselling

These are invasive diagnostic tests designed to confirm chromosomal disorder, such as Down syndrome and genetic diseases. These tests usually offered to women who have an increased chance of having a baby with a disorder eg women over 35 years old, women who have had a previous Down Syndrome child or other chromosomal disorders, or women who know that they or their baby’s father have an unusual chromosomal arrangement.
Birth Plan / Delivery

A birth plan is a written outline of what you would like to happen during labour and delivery. This plan may include the setting you want to give birth in, the people you want to have with you, and the pain medications you want, if any.