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Miss. Gunasunthari (Singapore)
20 Mar 2012

18 Apr 2010

Excellent service. Prompt and tailor-made. Accommodative.

Mr. Cheaw (Malaysia)
20 Mar 2012

10 May 2010

Xiao Xiao is excellent, skillful, friendly and experience.

Mr. Gary (Singapore)
20 Mar 2012

25 Sep 2010

Karen is a good and skillful therapist, Cheers!

Lin (Singapore)
20 Mar 2012

21 Jan 2011

Simple but pleasant ambience, good 'energy'. They are genuine and sincere people. Foot massage is not a painful process of being prodded, instead firm, yet slow pressure. Put me to sleep straight away.

Try NOT to talk, read, watch TV or listen to your ipod.when having your feet massaged. Just close your eyes, breathe breathe deeply and allow the healing to take place.

Miss Iris Mae (Philippine)
20 Mar 2012

11 May 2011

Magaling at mabait ang mga therapist. High quality service talaga at isa pa, sa lugar pa lang talagang makakapag relax ka. At kung presyo ang pag uusapan, talagang mas mababa ang presyo kesa sa iba pero makikita talaga yung sinasabing kalidad at satisfaction after ng massage.

芳华 (中国 (China))
20 Mar 2012

3 June 2011

观 光购物了一整天后,决定要宠宠自己了。来到了这家按摩院。这里的装修并不豪华。简约却舒适。正在播放着轻柔的音乐。一坐下来,主人就端上一杯自制“八宝 茶”。清香宜人。跟主人聊了几句,发现她善良,好客。在她的建议下,我做了一个小时的脚底按摩。她的手法娴熟,力度适中。她得知我来自中国,就主动为我介 绍了新加坡的一些好吃的,好玩的……聊着聊着,我就睡着了。等我醒来,疗程刚好结束。我感觉整个人轻松,舒爽。又可以继续晚上的节目了!在这里,让我在旅 途中找到了家的感觉!赞一个^-^

Roy (Singapore)
20 Mar 2012

12 June 2011

Had a good foot massage performed by Karen. Totally invigorating as I do indulged in extreme sports where my legs are extremely vital. Ambience and the staffs warmth welcome makes you wanting more ;p

Geoffrey Stoddart (UK)
20 Mar 2012

7 Jan 2012

Last month I had an excellent massage at your shop, just after I arrived from the UK on a long haul flight.

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