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The Asian Spa: An Oriental Poise

Riding high on the Asian persuasion, the Asian spa is definitive of East and West fusion. Located within the absolutely breathtaking Fullerton Hotel, it comes with Western amenities and the Eastern appeal. Still in the process of completing their renovations, the Asian spa will be the solitude for those needing to get out of the CBD madness. Magnificent in so many ways, the pearl of the orient has probably just been rediscovered.

Your journey through this portal will expose you to the tranquility of Chinese and Japanese union. The 6-year old haven starts you off in a lounge that looks like a scene out of a classic Wong Kar Wai movie. With mini bamboo shoots being placed around and dividers with unique characters accompanying them, the aura is one of serenity. It is classy, yet rich in culture. The 11-roomed treatment centre does come with a health booster in the forms of a gym and a pool. These are restricted to the members only, as these facilities belong to the hotel. The treatment rooms, on the other hand, are further justification to its name. The dim-lighting is made attractive with the Chinese calligraphies hung around them. While the scent of Lavender oils penetrates your nose, your eyes starts to command your defenses to shut down. And for those who want to take advantage of this little oriental heaven, there is a couples room provided just for you and your beau.

All these have been set for your ultimate relaxation. The spa prioritises itself in providing the most out of your session. While health benefits are harped onto, their main aim is to help you loosen those knots and forget the world you just left behind. After all, what is a spa session if it’s all just pains and aches?

The services there are quite unlike what you will expect. The Thai massage for example, was milder than most, but provided the maximum amount of stretching that you need. ( If you’re like me, and you have had your fair share of pad Thai nightmares, then you will understand my initial hesitation.) With the ability to apply just enough pressure on the necessary points, the effects will be felt the moment they lift up their fingers. Besides the best from the land of a thousand smiles, another deep-tissue massage that is highly recommended will be the Indonesian massage. Contrary to the Thai one, the Indonesian massage uses long strokes to relax your muscle aches and joint pains. Just as effective, it is one of the more popular choices there. Especially amongst the working crowd.

Besides massages, the Asian spa’s extensive list includes facials and water therapy options. The latter is a water-based massage, using a professional hydrotherapy bath, for purposes like detoxification and rejuvenation. They may look like an X-ray capsule, but they are ten times more fun. Of course, you can always go for the Body Cocoons. Now, these are body wraps. You will get wrapped up with all the essential oils you need and then you will be left alone. And just like the lava, you will eventually morph into a butterfly. Although you will not have wings and probably will not be so colorful.

The staffs here are well-trained and polite. Being a category one spa, they come from different parts of Asia, to give a sense of authenticity to your choice of treatment. Nothing like a native working on your body. Imagine if you get some Ah-lian doing a Thai massage for you. Forget the profanities. The picture itself will just be wrong. However, do bear in mind that the ladies serving you may not be as well-versed in English as you are, so please keep the conversation simple.

While the price here maybe slightly higher than most, the Asian spa is as addictive as Zhang Ziyi. It is non-pretentious in its presentation and mission, which are rare for a spa that is placed in a hot tourist spot. All it wants to do is provide you with a good time, and you, in kind, can afford some time-out coupled with health benefits.

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