Global Mascot Pte Ltd
Global Mascot is another company set up by Joy Chu, the director. Global Mascot is a Singapore brand name and operates as a wholesaler, supplier and retailer for their brand name and other products. Global Mascot also works hand in hand with manufacturing partnerships in Asia such as Batam and India.

Operating in an affluent country like Singapore, Global Mascot is conscious of her image and strategic location to link the east and west. We recognize the demands of mascot creations and development, and a growing niche in the promotional market

Global Mascot is confident in producing within the short re-production time, designing with creativity, quality and well-priced promotional products, and our professional and excellent customer service. Global Mascot tries her best to make sure it maintains the competitive policy and good service..


Global Mascot is a mascot wholesaler, supplier and retailer. We specialize in creating and providing top-graded quality materials and exquisite designer workmanship mascot.

Global Mascot mainly focus on comfortable wear and competitive prices. Global Mascot is currently dealing with life size and inflatable mascot, fanciful costume and stage props. Global Mascot aims to become a foremost wholesaler of her own brand name to people both locally and internationally.


Global Mascot targeted audience are mostly events such as National Day Parade (NDP), road shows, carnivals and performance.  Global Mascot aims to widen their business network, to develop in this area. Global Mascot plans to take up more projects in the future regarding mascots.

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