Osteopathic Treatment Centre
DAVID TIO, Osteopath, established Osteopathic Treatment Centre (OTC) in 1984 as the first holistic health clinic in Singapore to offer natural pain relief through Osteopathy - without the use of pain killers and prescription drugs.

Osteopathic Treatment Centre is Singapore's premier holistic health practice for the treatment of musculoskeletal aches and pain, sports injuries and many other health issues. David and his osteopath colleagues have, since 1984, successfully provided immediate and long-term osteopathic pain relief to more than 30,000 people in Singapore.

There are currently three osteopaths in the practice covering a wide range of treatment styles and osteopathic healthcare. There is also a resident podiatrist / chiropodist.

Osteopathy and podiatry / chiropody commonly go hand-in-hand to diagnose and treat many complaints associated with poor foot mechanics, which frequently lead to postural imbalances resulting in aches and pains elsewhere in the body.
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