Sunflower Childcare Group
We believe that in every child lies a potential to do great things - great things beyond the imagination of us adults, who at times set limits to our hopes and aspirations.

By allowing and helping our children to set their minds free of limitations, they learn to explore and fire their passion to try new things as well as to experiment with what life has to offer. And in doing so, they learn to believe in themselves then realize their full potential and eventually fulfill their dreams.

Most importantly, we believe your child is capable of this.

Our Mission

We understand the early years are very special for your child. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that his/her time with us is well spent.

We are constantly challenging our Sunflower kids by providing them with quality early childhood experiences that will hasten the development of the following attributes in them:

  • enhanced physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being
  • listening and speaking skills
  • communication through reading, writing and interaction
  • understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts
  • creative thinking – to think “out-of-the-box”
  • confidence and self-worth
  • realizing their potential to be leaders in their own right
  • being interested and getting involved in the world around them
  • develop friendship and share special moments with classmates and teachers
  • a thirst for knowledge
  • a pursuit for excellence
In a nutshell, we must inspire them and make a difference in their lives. With the help of parents and guardians, we will work hand-in-hand to promote a united purpose to care for and educate our young children.

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