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Our Mission


The mission of Clark Hatch Fitness Centers is to infuse into the lives of our members our total fitness philosophy in a pleasing, professional, and personal manner conducive to achieving the goals of our members for more fit, energetic, and balanced lives


The Founder


The founder and guiding spirit of Clark Hatch International, Clark Hatch's commitment to bringing to Asia and the Pacific Rim his total fitness philosophy spans more than fifteen countries, fifty plus fitness centers, and almost forty years.


Clark Hatch opened the first Clark Hatch Fitness Center in 1965 under the corporate banner of Yugen Kaisha Physical Fitness Center in Tokyo. It was the first international style fitness center committed to total fitness in Asia.


This very successful center in Tokyo has provided the model for Clark Hatch Fitness Centers in Cambodia, China, Guam, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Wherever Clark Hatch Fitness Centers are located, they are recognized leaders in teaching total fitness principles to their members.


Clark Hatch stresses that each Clark Hatch Fitness Center must focus on each individual member, and that success is measured by quality programs implemented by pleasant, supportive professionals who find reward in each member's realization of their total fitness goals.


Total Fitness Philosophy


Total fitness is our business.


When you walk into a Clark Hatch Fitness Centers, pleasant, professional, and dedicated fitness instructors will introduce you to the total fitness philosophy that serves as the foundation for the mission of each independently owned and separately operated licensed fitness center in the network of Clark Hatch Fitness Centers.


Clark Hatch Fitness Centers are designed to implement the Clark Hatch philosophy of total fitness. They are equipped with modern exercise equipment and offer programs developed to optimize each member's use of the equipment to achieve their individual fitness goals.


Every member begins with a fitness appraisal to evaluate body fat, muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Based on this appraisal, along with the member's preferences and fitness goals, an individual exercise program is developed.


This is just the beginning. Follow up instruction, monitoring, and motivational programs are continually offered to each member at no extra charge. It is all part of the Clark Hatch passport to total fitness.


Total fitness is more than being able to jog or play recreational sports.  It brings about a good feeling - a lightening of the spirit, a bounce to the feet, and a mental balm for the stresses of modern society.


Whether you are working to burn calories, trim your waistline, firm your muscles, tune your body, improve coordination and strength, train for physical activities for sports, or to release stress, each Clark Hatch Fitness Center provides a well trained professional staff to support your efforts to attain your total fitness goals, and, most importantly, strive for a lifetime of physical well-being.

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