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24Hrs City Florist
We are in the business of connecting people, and when we talk about connecting people, we are talking about communicating one's feelings to another. I like to think of it as flora-communication. In Latin, the word 'communication' means to 'share'. And since time in memorial, flowers have been an integral and important medium for people to share their thoughts and emotions to one another. Flowers' intrinsic and exquisite beauty and fragrance triggers happiness, good cheer, heightens feelings of life satisfaction of which words is difficult to convey and no other gifts can. They are the perfect tool for communicating or expressing one's heart and soul.

That is why we derive our mission from the very essence of bringing people closer together and that is by creating the perfect arrangement from choosing the perfect flower, the perfect colour, the perfect shape and size for our customers to reflect their sense of care, style, personality, warmth, sincerity, good taste and thoughtfulness.

The choice of flowers or gifts, how they are put together and the time they arrived at the recipient say a lot about the sender. Here at 24 Hrs City Florist, we believe that our personal touch, our meticulous selection and our reliable delivery will leave a priceless and lasting impression.

The satisfaction that we gain is from the satisfaction that our customers have come to expect from making 24 hrs City Florist their choice florist.

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