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Dr Toh

Holistic Medicine & Psychotherapy

DSc MSocsci MBA BCom Dips

Wellness & Health

Doctorate in Holistic Medicine EU | Master in Psychotherapy & Counselling AU | Naturopathic & Homeopathic Practitioner EU | Iridiologist EU | Clinical Nutrition UK | Master Herbalist UK | TCM Beijing | Hypnotherapy UK | Aromatherapy UK | Psycho-neuroimmunology UK | WSQ Beauty & Body Therapy SG | Yoga Instructor IN Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, USA Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, USA The Creator of Slim Curves System© Protocol


Master of Business Administration (International Finance & Banking) UK | Master of Social Science (Counselling/Psychotherapy) AU | Bachelor of Science and Commerce (Computer Science/Accountancy) NZ | Intellectual Property Law SG | Certified Management Consultant SG | Certified eMarketeer USA | Professional Trainer UK

Like many people, I started my wellness journey only after quitting my stressful senior management job in MNCs with heavy travelling, to seek a better quality way of living and also to find back my well being. I embarked on a 10 years relentless academic and practical quest in the scientific fields of the mind, body and soul. Researching, purchasing, trying out every promising health, beauty and wellness product and therapies, medical and aesthetic devices I come across from all over the globe. Equipped with a Doctorate in Holistic Medicine, Master degrees one of which is in psychotherapy and counselling, and numerous diplomas in Chinese Traditional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Herbology and an engineering background helped as I assess the solutions with a keen and critical scientific eye supported by a more holistic and rounded infinity to all things natural and beneficial to our fragile body.

As a result, I have uncovered many very interesting connections across all fields of science and have a lot of unique remedies and therapies formulated for my clients and still many more being formulated in my head. My plan is to spend the rest of my journey packaging them into practical therapy and protocols to share with everyone. This include the most advanced yet affordable Energy Medicine, Detoxification Protocol, Stem Cell Therapy and Psycho-neuroimmunology Therapy - the ultimate connection of psychological state, level of stress, mind and body health.

Slim Curve System© is specifically designed for body management and is devised from a culmination of cross multi-disciplinary fields of sciences and world best-practiced skills which encompass the mind, body and soul as well as provision of mother nature. It employs various patented products and world best gold standard therapeutic practices that have proven their efficacy in the past and also the present by way of tuning our mind, body and soul to stay positive, active and looking good. 

The system has proven to work by thousands of women around the globe! Women of today no longer have to resort to going under the knife and spent thousands of dollars in the pursuit of health and beauty like in the past. Women now are able to get back their long lost figures as they age - body which they have had when they were in their 20s and 30s and thirties. Many are happy to report that they have rediscovered their long lost waists and also have more perky breasts and behinds than they have ever had.

Besides the obvious  beauty benefits, the health effect is just as invaluable. With the system, the body is properly detoxed with the lymph, blood and other bodily fluid being circulated throughout the body regularly. Most illnesses and diseases come about because of inactivity and stagnation of our body tissues and bodily fluids, causing sluggish flow of live-giving oxygen, nutrients, immune cells and healthy hormones. As toxins, unhealthy hormones from stress and waste products from cell metabolism get trapped in our tissues, they will eventually cause inflammation over time and finally bring about serious organ damage and cancer. Slim Curves System© encourages all these elements in the body to do their jobs well and put the dreaded diseases at bay.

Once the body systems are tuned, the right mix of nutrition regime, Essential Oils, Superfood supplement, detox, lymphatic drainage masso-therapeutic programme, special contouring compression techniques and apparels will then tune the mind, body and soul like the way we tune our cars.

I hereby wish everyone full enjoyment of a healthy, active  body with clear and happy mind.


BodiDoctors are Certified Natural Holistic Medicine Master Practitioners trained, authorised and support on a on-going basis by Bodisciences training and support programme. BodiDoctors are trained to operate and perform computerised health analysison clients and to make recommendations on the results generated by the machines. They may operate the whole franchise service spectrum or part of the spectrum. They can leverage BodiHealers to provide analysis to their clients and have Bodihealers perform more personal followups. 


BodiHealers are Certified Natural Holistic Medicine General Practitioners trained and authorised by Bodisciences training and ongoing support programme. BodiHealers are not trained to operate and perform computerised health analysis on clients but, however, are highly trained to assess general health conditions of clients and to make recommendations on Bodisciences general health remedies based on discussions with the clients. They would work in partnership with Bodisciences or Certified BodiDoctors leveraging the computerised health analysis systems provided by them. 


BodiEntrepreneurs are Certified and Trained Natural Holistic Medicine independent business operators authorised by Bodisciences training and ongoing support programme. They would work in partnership with Bodisciences and Certified BodiDoctors and BodiHealers leveraging the large global networks of client base, product manufacturing and logistic facilities, marketing and technology expertise, and management and operations know-how .