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We are a group of Specialist Medical Practitioners dedicated towards women’s health and wellness.
We are disciplined and focused in delivering a wide range of premier specialist services catering to the medical needs of women at affordable prices.

We currently have 6 O&G specialists, 3 women cancer specialists and 1 skin specialist.
Geared towards the gentler sex, our specialists are on hand to provide a wide range of healthcare services to our female patients. We endeavor to provide patients with utmost care and support through our services.

With the vision of creating a specialist medical and surgical group catering to the healthcare needs of the modern woman, Singapore O&G Ltd (SOG) was formed in January 2011 through the efforts of O&G Specialists Dr. Lee Keen Whye, Dr. Heng Tung Lan and our Group’s CEO, Dr. Victor Ng. The group has since grown in numbers and will continue to do so until a comprehensive and totally holistic team is in place. With clinics located in various parts of Singapore, the group now commands a significant presence where female patients can easily attain effective, affordable and friendly healthcare services.

Our mission is to bring new life, preserve life and extend life for our patients and their families with services in obstetrics & gynaecology, gynae-oncology, breast and general surgicare and dermatology while preserving our core values of sincerity, professionalism and commitment. We currently have 6 O&G specialists, 3 women cancer specialists and 1 skin specialist, operating 11 clinics in 7 different locations in Singapore.

We aspire to be the premier specialist healthcare provider in holistic and comprehensive care for women and children in the region through affordable and friendly services.
From pre-pregnancy counseling, delivery, to post-delivery care, and from worrisome gynecological problems and frustrating skin problems to the most complex cancer conditions, we endeavor to provide patients with our utmost care and management through our range of healthcare services.

Our esteemed team of specialists includes, Dr. Lee Keen Whye, Dr. Heng Tung Lan, Dr. Beh Suan Tiong, Dr. Choo Wan Ling, Dr. Natalie Chua, Dr. Hong Sze Ching, SOG’s Women Cancer Specialists consisting Dr. Radhika Lakshmanan, Dr. Lim Siew Kuan and Dr. Cindy Pang and SOG’s skin specialist, Dr. Joyce Lim. Our specialists are well located, with clinics in the central and east regions of Singapore.

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