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Beautyful Minds Educational Centre that is registered with M.O.E. It is one which conducts courses on advanced learning techniques (ALTs) and provides tuition on various subjects for primary, secondary and junior college students based on MOE syllabi.

ALTs are integrated in our weekly tuition to help students understanding concepts, remembering key information easily and cutting their revision time by a third.

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Our approach towards language differs slightly from other subjects. As linguistic skills are acquired intuitively rather than via rote learning, we employ various games and activities to ensure our students maintain high interest levels in strengthening their command of English.

Our Mathematicss Program integrates advanced learning techniques (MindArt, Memory Skills and Key Reading) with school syllabi to help students master their mathematics with greater efficiency. Besides acquiring an in-depth understanding of each topic, the students will grasp the right studying skills which will elevate their proficiencies to higher levels. By committing the different methods of solving various questions to long-term memory, students can achieve excellence with astoundingly reduced efforts. Using various methods to heighten the students’ motivation and interest in mathematics, we can certainly ensure that their overall progress in their competencies is achieved.


1. Keywords skill
Keywords skill is crucial in helping the students to pick out important concepts while studying. Moreover, the students will be able to understand questions better and provide answers in a relevant manner. With this, students’ marks will be able to improve drastically. Also, keywords skill forms the foundation of other advanced learning techniques such as key reading, memory techniques and mind mapping.

2. Mind Mapping
Mind mapping speeds up one’s learning through various ways. Firstly, only keywords are written down in mind maps. This reduces the amount of information required to memorize by. Secondly, Mind mapping provides an overview of the chapters which enables the students to understand how various parts of a particular chapter are being integrated, thus enhancing their understanding of each chapter. Thirdly, Mind mapping helps in boosting one’s memory through pictures and colors. This is co6nsistent with recent research results, which show that people tend to remember things better through pictures rather than words.

3. Memory Techniques
Despite the shift from pure memorization to the application of knowledge in the Education System, memory work remains essential and will continue to be so in the future. This is because memorization and application are not exclusive of each other. Rather, application is a higher thought order dependent on memorization. In order to apply what they have learnt, the students need to have the information stored in a bank readily available to be withdrawn and manipulated as answers for the examinations. It is crucial to understand that good memory can be acquired and honed by anyone with the right techniques and also with constant practice. Beautyful Minds seeks to provide the students with the toolbox to remember their school syllabus with less effort.

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