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The Endodontic Office specialises in the field of dentistry that deals with procedures involving the tooth pulp (a tissue containing nerves, blood vessels arterioles and fibrous tissue within the tooth).

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Clinical Services


Our doctors are able to conduct a series of non-invasive test to diagnose the cause of the toothache and pain. They can also provide information of root canal treatment procedures.

Root canal treatment

Non-surgical root canal treatment is a procedure whereby the space within the tooth and the roots are treated. We have the expertise and the equipments to perform root canal treatments with a high success rate.

Management of traumatic tooth injury

Root canal treatment specialists also have the expertise to manage tooth fractures and tooth loosening (luxation) injuries. These injuries occur during accidents where there are traumatic impacts on teeth. To salvage teeth, root canal therapy in conjuction with other treatment are required and usually these injuries may require long-term management and monitoring.

Cracked tooth

During our daily use of our teeth, the structure of teeth are stressed and some of them succumb to cracks (incomplete fracture) and can give rise to pain. Our doctors can diagnose such ailments and manage accordingly.

Other treatments that involve the root canals

There are other treatments such as pulp preservation (vital pulp) therapy, root tip closure (apexification and apexogenesis) that are done in our clinic.

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