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新加坡艺全语文学校艺全语文学校于2005年1月开办托儿班-- ,实行全方位双语教育训练,专门招收年龄介于18个月至6岁的幼儿。让儿童在音乐、美术、语言、科学、数学、社会性、身体动作、生活能力等方面全面提高,不仅在智商方面培养及训练儿童,也在情商方面加以培养和训练,让儿童具备一个成功人士的素质。

Yuquan Language School Yuquan Language School has polled many advanced teaching methods from China and Combined them with local methods to suit our local Southeast Asian requirements. The teaching methods selected allow students to be taught according to their aptitudes and make the learning of languages enjoyable. From here, a set of creative and effective teaching experiences was consolidated which made possible the achievement of good teaching results. In particular,the《Chinese Zijing》and《Chinese Idioms Literacy》Swift Learning to Recognize Chinese Characters Course introduced in 2003 an 2005 respectively paved the way for the new approach "to recognize characters before learning how to write characters". This new approach was highly publicized by various media and brought about great interest from the public. It provided Singapore students with the best learning conditions and our school has since then become the premier choice school for the learning of the Chinese language among Singapore students.