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Massage Therapy Massage therapy is the process of using the hands in order to apply force to your muscles and your tissues. One of the benefits of this therapy is that it is capable of releasing the tension and the stress within your body. Thus, your cells can function very well. In addition to that, this also promotes proper circulation of blood. This ensures that even the smallest tissue in the body can receive the oxygenated blood. Furthermore, this therapy also corrects imbalances in your system. Studies have pointed out that the stimulation caused by massage therapy can correct hormonal imbalances experienced by lots of people.

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Experience the best traditional massage to relax your body! Affordable price & excellent massage skills. Body Scrub ($38), Whitening Scrub ($48), Body Massage ($45)
Address : 407 Changi Road407 Changi RoadSingaporesingapore, 419858
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Its pretty clean and well kept. I went one day after a very intense morning workout. My muscles were so sore and stiff I could barely more..
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Address : Om Vedic Heritage Centre, Race Course Road ..., 43 Tessensohn RoadOm Vedic Heritage Centre, Race Course Road / Tessensohn Road, 43 Tessensohn RoadSingaporesingapore, 217661
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A very nice and friendly place. People working there try to make their best in order to help you, finding any ways to find the right more..
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Address : 11A Trengganu Street11A Trengganu StreetSingaporesingapore, 058465
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Address : One One Reflexology & Healthcare Center, 22A, 22A Smith StreetOne One Reflexology & Healthcare Center, 22A, 22A Smith StreetSingaporesingapore, 058936
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