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Medical Specialist A medical specialist is a professional who has specialization in intervening in human health conditions. There are different medical specialists depending on the field that they have mastered. Examples of these are cardiologists, iridologist, endocrinologist and many more. In order to be the best medical specialist, you need to undergo serious training program being offered by some educational institutions. There are some medical schools available for you. Make sure to choose the best and reliable medical school in order for you to become the best specialist of medicine in the future. The program you need to undergo will usually last for about 10 years.

James Tan Centre For Urology & Robotic Surgery Pte Ltd Photos
The Preferred Centre of Excellence for Urological Surgery.
Helmed by TTSH's past Head of Urology, seek professional help from Dr James Tan's Centre for Urology & Robotic Surgery regarding minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery.
Opening : Mon - Fri : 8.30am - 5pm ; Sat : 8.30am - 1pm.
Address : Mount Elizabeth Hospital, #17-14, 3 Mount ElizabethMount Elizabeth Hospital, #17-14, 3 Mount ElizabethSingaporesingapore, 228510
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J Kumar O & G Clinic Pte Ltd Photos
Address : Gleneagles Hospital, #03-32, 6A Napier RoadGleneagles Hospital, #03-32, 6A Napier RoadSingaporesingapore, 258500
Category : Medical Specialist, Clinic, Obstetrics Gynecology Doctors
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Address : 24Hrs Clinic & Emergency - Mount Alve..., #01-05, 820 Thomson Road24Hrs Clinic & Emergency - Mount Alvernia Hospital, #01-05, 820 Thomson RoadSingaporesingapore, 574623
Category : Medical Specialist, Aesthetician, Anaesthetist
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Address : Rivervale Plaza, #01-28, 118 Rivervale DriveRivervale Plaza, #01-28, 118 Rivervale DriveSingaporesingapore, 540118
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