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Root Cause Analysis

Non-invasive, simple and fast with 96% accuracy (EC certified) supported by bioresonance computer systems, functional lab tests and spot tests to ascertain your total health status and determine root causes based on readings of blood, hormones, nutrition, allergy, toxins, inflammation, early & advanced diseases, pathogens, parasites and much more


Conventional allopathic medicine is intended for emergency intervention. Natural holistic medicine, on the other hand, is based on the body’s innate ability to heal itself when it regains homeostasis - its natural balance. It is a critical step for the person desiring health to come to fully appreciate it, embrace it and finds the motivation and be guided for the needed adjustment to re-establish homeostasis.

Natural Treatment

Bioresonance Energy Treatment
Natural Remedies, Supplements 
Clinical Bodyworks | Lifestyle Change Advice 
Clinical Nutrition & Diet Advice 
Anti-ageing, Weight Loss, Stress Management & Psychotherapy | Detoxification, Hormonal Rebalancing, Cancer Support Specialties | And much more

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Bodisciences Natural Holistic Medicine Is your best option for prevention, early detection and non-invasive treatment to regain health, youth, vitality and life.

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Doctorate in Holistic Medicine EU
Master in Psychotherapy & Counselling AU
Naturopathic  & Homeopathic Practitioner EU
Iridiologist EU
Clinical Nutrition UK
Master Herbalist UK
TCM Beijing
Hypnotherapy UK
Aromatherapy UK
Psycho-neuroimmunology UK
WSQ Beauty & Body Therapy SG
Yoga Instructor IN
The Creator of Slim Curves System© Protocol

Master of Business Administration (International Finance & Banking) UK  
Master of Social Science (Counselling / Psychotherapy) AU
Bachelor of Science and Commerce (Computer Science/ Accountancy) NZ
Intellectual Property Law SG
Certified Management Consultant SG
Certified eMarketeer USA
Professional Trainer UK

Our Methodology

Investigation, Education & Information, Natural Remedies, Nutrition Advice, Automation, Complementary Manual Physical Bodyworks, Mind Work & Psychotherapy


They say

H. Pylori and Gastritis

I suffered from acid reflux and gassy stomach all my life. I have taken all the drugs the doctors have given me and also visited a TCM physician numerous times but to no avail. Finally, I decided to undertake Bodisciences Bioresonance treatment with their supplements for Gastritis and H. Pylori. After a 2 weeks break when I returned from a work trip, I realised that I felt so much better. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see the readings on the computer went from 0.050 (acute) to 2.567 (remission). A big quantum leap in improvement! My TCM physician was also surprised with my strong pulse and asked me what I did to improve my stomach condition. Because of my reflux my throat is always sore. I am waiting for that to also go away since the cause has now been removed.......NK 28.
Thyroid problem which causes nerves tremors and heart palpitation went away

I had thyroid problem for about 2 years now. I go to my doctor for regular blood tests and supply of drugs every 3 months. I thought this is going to be my life sentence for the rest of my life. I went on the Bodisciences bioresonance treatment and their easy to follow nutrition advice as well as their detox programme and weight loss protocol. I have stopped my thyroid drugs and symptoms at all! I have lost significant weight and I am happy..... AL 36
Ship captain recovered from bad skin conditions

I am a young and fit ship commandeer. I generally have no problem health-wise except for a nagging skin problem which comes in the form of hive and rashes that appear and disappear randomly. Recently, I had a whole back full of them and they are starting to appear on my face which worried me quite a bit. The bioresonance device detects the various mites and fungi that are growing in my skin. Also, there was inflammation in my urinary organs and tubes which have weakened my immune system that had allowed the infestation of my skin.  applied the natural essential oil lotion from Bodisciences and after 10 sessions of bioresonance treatment. it went away. i am very happy about it needless to say   ......   CBH, 36
Miraculous recovery from second round stage 4 cancer in 2 months

I had breast cancer 4 years ago. Chemotherapy had worked well on me. Unfortunately it came back aggressively recently with the cancer spreading to my lungs and liver. This time I was very sick from the chemo drugs, vomiting and weak with aches and pains all over my body. With Bodisciences nutrition advice and supplements as well as just 20 sessions of bioresonance treatment, I am now fully recovered. I also had hip bone pain which also micraculously disappeared ....
MC, 72
20 years of white discharge fixed just after 1/2 bottle of remedy water

I had white discharge for more than 20 years. I have seen many doctors, tried many things to no avail. The bio-resonance remedy solved it for me within 2 weeks! Unbelievable! ..... CW, 46
Weight Loss in just 3 days

I tried the Bodisicences Weight Loss Formula. Wow. I saw results in 3 days. I bought 20 boxes immediately. It is simply amazing. I tried many in my times. Bodisciences solutions really work .........WS,  38undefined
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