Belleza Skin Care Pte Ltd (Bukit Timah Plaza) Belleza Skin Care Pte Ltd (Bukit Timah Plaza) Belleza Skin Care Pte Ltd (Bukit Timah Plaza) Belleza Skin Care Pte Ltd (Bukit Timah Plaza) Belleza Skin Care Pte Ltd (Bukit Timah Plaza)
About Us

Belleza Skin Care Pte Ltd is a beauty salon and beauty products retailer who is committed to provide skin care services and products.

Belleza was officially established in 2011 by Ms Annie and Li Ping, with more than 17 years (combined) of experience in the beauty industry.' At Belleza, we make every effort to offer our customers the finest quality and personalized service at reasonably prices.

Belleza specially crafted treatment is uniquely created to meet individual's needs and demands (as every individuals' skin condition and requirement is difference) for
- Acne Treatment
- IPL Hair Removal
- Skin Whitening/ Renewal Treatment
- Anti-Pigment Treatment
- Anti-Scar Treatment
- Hydrating Treatment
- Collagen Treatment

Belleza range of beauty products specially imported from Switzerland after careful selection and study of all available products in the market place. 'Switzerland products are proven to produce positive result within short period of application.' And Belleza is the sole distributor of CALLA-VIAR Home Care products in Singapore.
They use good quality products from Switzerland!
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17 Oct 2012 19:23:47
Products & Services

Signature Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
  • Super RF Upright Treatment for Face & Eyes
  • IPL Underarm Hair Removal
  • Whitelan Skin Renewal Treatment
  • Roller Treatment
  • IPL-E Light

Maintenance Treatment
  • Anti-Redness
  • Anti-Pigment
  • Anti-Scar
  • Anti-Aging
  • Hydrating Treatment
  • Collagen Treatment
  • Eye Treatment
  • Neck Treatment
  • Diamond Peel Treatment
  • CEO Light Treatment
  • O2
  • Sun Spot Removal

cleansing gel (150ml)

Revinving Cleanser (150ml)

solution (150ml)

Hydrating gel (35ml)

Resillience Concentrate

Hydrare Serum (35ml)

refining solution (150ml)

Purifying Essence (100ml)

Soothing Moisture (35ml)

Sheer UV Protector (35ml)

Arbutin Essence Cream (35ml)

Age-Defying Cream (35ml)
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They use good quality products from Switzerland!
Like doing facial here. The staffs are so friendly.
I like their service, staffs is very friendly. After doing facial always feel so clean and fresh. love it..!!
What skin care is that?
Belleza Skin Care uses the latest skin care equipment combined with their luxurious products from Switzerland, CALLA-VIAR Home Care to enhance your skin and makes you feel refreshed.
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