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About Us

Awakening Touch is a healing center, created to provide you a sense of self and well-being.

Our work philosophy is to care and listen to your health concerns and address them with different therapeutic modalities that will enhance your health and bring you back to a desirable state of relaxation and completeness, specially working with you through different stages of healing.

It is NOT our vision to make you a "better person", but to facilitate the healing process as nature intended.

Through the guidance of your body's own natural ability to heal itself, known as "innate wisdom", we are then able to assist the body to maintain balance and return systems to resume functioning range.

Health is achieved when complete physical, mental and social well-being is aligned within oneself. It is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Our Services

BodyTalk System

The body has an innate ability to heal itself; however, this ability is hindered by many factors such as physical, emotional, mental, biochemical, and environmental stressors.

The BodyTalk System seeks to address the "whole person", and reveals the true underlying causes of dis-ease beneath each of the individual's unique story. Each individual is unique and therefore two treatments can never be the same.

BodyTalk works with the guidance of the body's inborn intelligence, known as "innate wisdom", that self-regulates the natural healing process (homeostasis), by maintaining balance and returning systems to functioning range as nature-intended.

The BodyTalk System operates out of the new scientific understanding; blending quantum physics with ancient philosophical knowledge to assist the body in remembering how to heal itself. The system combines Western medicine's scientifically supported research in fields such as neuroscience and epigenetics, AND Eastern medicine's philosophy, which views health as an expression of balance within Consciousness itself.

You are welcomed to Awakening Touch for your healing, that may be due to either:-

  • physical injury/ailments that has recently been incurred during a sport practice or an accident, or a past injury which hasn’t completely healed;
  • a challenging phase in life either emotionally or psychologically which you may find extremely difficult to go through especially when it involves immense emotional trauma, shock or stress;
  • aligning the path of living consciously.

It is NOT our vision to make you a "better person", but to assist the healing the nature of conflict. Within life’s conflicts, lies the potential for making peace with the deep-seated beliefs that wreak havoc in you, so that you can 'come home' to yourself and make peace and live honestly from within.

We are committed to your tailor-made healing journey and will ensure comfort when you arrive for your treatment, heal and go back to your daily activities with a sense of completeness.

The BodyTalk Access
is a set of techniques where you can learn in a 1-Day Workshop.

It has profoundly positive effect on basic household illnesses and injuries and even in first aid situations while emergency personnel are on their way.

Our fast-paced society has lost or deviated its approach to maintaining Health from its original meaning and stress is almost inevitable and part of most of our modern lifestyle. Modern society has gradually progressed and the emphasis towards life (based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) has shifted from

  • Psychological needs (water, air, food, sleep, shelter - those required to sustain life/maintain health) to
  • Esteem needs (recognition, social status, accomplishment, self-respect - those requiring an external motivator as well as an internal motivator).

The bodymind gradually ‘forgets’ that is it has the ability to maintain homeostasis, adapt and communicate within itself and with the environment.

Failure to strike the internal and external balance gives rise to what is commonly labeled as Stress.

When apply the BodyTalk Access techniques in a weekly routine, these set of 10-minutes technique can bolster the immune system and help stimulate the body's own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance.


Our body is trying to communicate with us all the time!!!

As a result of meeting stressful demands and expectations from the modern lifestyle, our bodymind complex gradually ‘forgets’ that it has the ability to self-heal, that is by maintain homeostasis, adapt to changes and communicate within itself and with the environment, hence eventually unable to understand what our body is trying to tell us.

Overtime, we subconsciously drift into 'neglecting' our own body's message, and fell into the trap of feeling HELPLESSNESS when symptoms arises.

Symptoms are merely one of the ways the body communicates with us. It works like an "alarm" that goes off when they bodymind is out-of-balance. These tangible evidences serves of signals of what is going on beneath the conscious mind and the REAL story deep beneath.

By consulting/communicating the individual's own innate wisdom, we are then able to successfully and effectively address specific symptoms and establish lasting patterns of good health when those imbalances are addressed.

You will experience healing to a desirable state of completeness, as we work with you through different stages of healing and levels of mind:

  • conscious,
  • subconscious to
  • superconscious mind.

At Awakening Touch we are committed to listen to beyond these symptom, and to both your spoken words and unspoken health concerns.

We are committed to your tailor-made healing journey, because each individual is unique and no two treatments can be the same!