Provides general repair and servicing services
Accident & Insurance Claims, a Panel Beating ; a Paint Works, a Power Enhancement ; a Vicom Inspection Services, a Batteries
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About Us

In Singapore North,West and Central region, We offer a wide range of automotive service and products as well as we have software and hardware for diagnostics and trouble shooting to meet the growing demand for continental and vehicles.

ARH GROUP PTE LTD is a 100% Singaporean owned Company. ARH Group team had done extensive R & D and managed developed the latest Asia & Europe Ignition Technology a whole series of environmental friendly spark plug. ARH Spark Plug had gone through Maintaining Quality Management System monitored by NQA Global Assurance.

ARH Group Pte Ltd offer Warranty and Money Back Guaranteed programme for ARH Spark Plug sold within singapore. ARH Plug are the ONE and ONLY spark plug issue with warranty until the lifespan of the spark plug.

ARH Spark Plug are design with no grounding electrode and provides simultaneous sparks,special shape of the spark gap which enable fast excess for gases to flash over providing EXTRA Firing Power and enhance better ignition and stable response.

In order to keep the end product cost as low as possible, the manufacturing plant is base in Guangdong,China.

Company who are keen to take up dealerships, Please contact us or Our Sales Manager Les Lim Hp: 97532933 for a open discussion.

Products & Services

Auto Recovery Hub Pte Ltd

  • Accident & Insurance Claims
  • Panel Beating
  • Paint Works
  • Power Enhancement
  • Vicom Inspection Services
  • Batteries
  • Wiring
  • Air-con
  • Audio Accessories
  • Tyres
  • Islandwide 24Hrs Towing
  • Door to Door Pick Up And Delivery Services

Green Fuel Specialists

  • CNG Specialists
  • HYBRID Specialists
  • Certified Maintenance Workshop
  • CNG Installation
  • CNG Turning & trimming

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