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Allergy & Immunotherapy
Comprehensive diagnostic tests for both food and inhalant allergies are available. These come in the form of IgE Blood Tests (Multi Array Blood Test) or Skin Prick tests. Treatment may be offered in the form of Sublingual Immunotherapy from ages of 6 years and above.

Image Guided Sinus (IGS) Surgery for Sinus Diseases
In complicated or repeat sinus surgeries, Computer Aided Surgery (or 'Surgical GPS') may be employed. In certain cases, the latest "Balloon Sinuplasty' may also be available as treatment options

Snoring & Sleep disorders
Evaluation of snoring and comprehensive sleep studies to evaluate sleep disorders are available. The approach to treating sleep disorders and snoring is holistic and employs a multimodality approach, including using non-invasive methods like positive airway pressure therapy, minimally invasive procedures and surgical treatment options tailored to the patients' preference.

Paediatric ENT conditions
All general Paediatric ENT conditions are also managed by our team of Specialists. Common conditions including tonsil and adenoid diseases, sleep disorders and allergy management. Neonatal hearing screen and management are also provided.

Ear & Hearing disorders (Implantable Hearing Aids)
We offer the complete range of otologic implantation to cater to the full spectrum of hearing loss. These include Cochlear Implantation, Middle Ear Implantation, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid, Retro-X semi-implantable hearing aid - which are indicated for various causes of deafness including congenital deafness

Tinnitus Management
We have trained specialist who are accredited by the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Association (USA) to perform tinnitus rehabilitation.

Head & Neck Cancers
The use of narrow band imaging (NBI) technology in our high definition scopes enables us to pick up early cancers in the nose and throat. The use of NBI to screen for early nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC or Nose cancer) was pioneered and described by our doctors.

Salivary Gland & Thyroid diseases
Common Head & Neck swellings and growths are managed.

Dizziness & Balance disorders
Full range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for dizzy patients.

Voice & Swallowing disorders
We perform voice augmentation for hoarseness due to paralysed voice box and laser surgery of voice problems. Transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) may be performed within the clinic premise to investigate swallowing problems.

Geriatric ENT Problems
All Geriatric related Ear Nose Throat problems are managed by the group.

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