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What does AposTherapy treat?

AposTherapy is for the treatment of a number of common problems of the knee, lower back, hip and ankle that result in pain and impaired function. It includes knee osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, ligament tears and non specific lower back pain.

AposTherapy is also suitable for those preparing for or recovering from surgery (total knee / hip replacement surgeries and arthroscopies), and for those wishing to enhance sports performance and conditioning training.

How long does AposTherapy take?

Typically AposTherapy takes 30-60 minutes of regular walking each day over an average period of 6 months. During this time, patients will visit the AposTherapy Centre for an initial consultation (typically 2 hours), and again for 3-4 follow-up consultations (typically around 1 hour each). It is that simple and easy.

Who provides the treatment?

AposTherapy is provided by Apos Therapists who are all qualified physiotherapists, trained and certified in AposTherapy.

Is it safe?

Yes. AposTherapy is non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical. It is FDA and CE approved. AposTherapy is appropriate for patients of all ages including most elderly patients.

Does it work?

AposTherapy was developed by orthopedic specialists and is backed by research and clinical studies. AposTherapy has benefited thousands of people around the world and has proved highly effective in reducing pain and improving function.

How quickly can patients feel improvement?

Some patients experience some form of pain relief immediately after using their custom calibrated Apos System for the first time. After just a few weeks of AposTherapy, many patients experience a noticeable reduction in pain as well as improved function all day - not just when using the Apos System.

Where is it available?

AposTherapy is available exclusively at dedicated AposTherapy Centres. In Singapore, the AposTherapy Centre is located at Camden Medical Centre.

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This place treats common ailments of the body such as the knee, lower back, hip and ankle. You will feel the improvement and suffers less body pain. This is the right place for athletics and office workers to seek treatment. Also suitable for those looking to improve his/her sports performance and conditioning training, especially those guys taking IPPT.